The home of local fresh free range milk and cream

Roger & Rosemary moved to Church Farm in 1965 from Luton. They started the business with 8 cows, 2 pigs and a number of chickens. The farm was just 50 acres. 

By 2010 the herd had grown to 110 high yielding Holsteins. Richard and Debbie had become increasingly concerned about the diet that these cows needed to produce their milk. Their diet included wheat, soya and palm oil products, all of which are expensive but also should be used to feed the worlds increasing population rather than cows!

Our Story

This is Tiger - a herd favourite named after her stripes !!

Why not visit the Cow Cube at Church Farm to pick up your milk and cream. Or check out our website for stockists.

Ouse Valley Dairy

So, in 2012 the decision was made to sell most of the 110 Holsteins and replace them with 200 Jerseys and Frieisian crosses. Our new cows are naturally adapted to consume grass from the fields. They produce slightly less milk but it is alot sweeter and creamier!!

The cows on this grass based system are fitter and healthier.