Why not visit the Cube here on the farm to buy our fresh pasteurised milk and cream.

We hope you will love the milk and cream we produce. 

Our 200 cows graze the river meadows along the banks of the River Ouse as it flows through North Bedfordshire. Our cows are a mixture of Jerseys and Friesians.

More Than just Fresh Milk

Opening Hours...If the sign is at the top of the drive the Cube is open!! This is usually daily from 8am to 9pm.

We are a working farm so we may open a little earlier or later! 

Milk and Cream available at the Cube at Church Farm

Enjoy our fresh pasturised milk and cream

We are proud to have been awarded

"Highly Commended"  

in the

"Bedfordshire Food and Drink" Awards 2017" in the category

"Best Independent Food Producer/Retailer of the Year".

our cows

The home of local fresh free range milk and cream

Ouse Valley Dairy

Why not visit the Cow Cube at Church Farm to pick up your milk. Or see our website for local stockists.

Our farm

The Davis family have been milking cows here in Carlton for over 50 years in the beautiful Ouse valley. 

our milk

Our milk and cream is produced using a grass based system. We use the Ouse Valley's natural rich soil together with the sun and rain to produce lush nutritious grass. 

As you travel between Carlton and Turvey you can see the cows grazing the fields if you look down towards the river. The cows spend from early March to late November grazing the grass on our farm.


Our milk is Farm Assured.

Please come and support your local cows.

We are delighted to have been awarded a Gold Award and a Highly Commended for our Milk at the International Cheese and Dairy Awards. 

our cow cube